Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wax on, Wax off!!

The last few days have had a pretty Chinese theme to them. My baby brother Joe headed east, to spend a month fight training in a Buddhist help him prepare for and become the Ultimate Fighting Champion (or so he seems to think!)

I was feeling pretty fed up a few days ago, so what better way to cheer me up other than going out to my favourite chinese restaurant, R2 in Bishops Waltham with my daddy! This place is unreal, you will not find deep fried chicken balls and chips here. It is strictly the real deal!! The staff are so sweet and friendly, that I always end up falling in love with the waiter by the end of the meal. I can never decide what to order as it is all so amazing, so this time I just guessed at something random off the menu and crossed my fingers it was going to be good. As expected it was something special, I don't understand how the chicken in there is so soft and white! Sorry to get so emotional about food, but I love chinese soooo bad!!!

My Dad is strictly a jeans and trainers kinda guy, so it was tres cute when he put on his best shoes and trousers to take me out for dinner because he said he didn't want me out doing him in the style stakes..aaaawww love him!!!

As we forgot to go on Wednesday, and take advantage of me being on Orange and getting buy one get one free on cinema tickets. I went with my middle brother Jack and one of his best friends to see the new Karate Kid film on Thursday. Sadly getting to the cinema involved myself and 2 fully grown men getting into my Smart Car, but the film was so worth the crushed journey there!

Jayden Smith is really cute and although I don't think he really looks like his dad, Will, his mannerisms are so similar it is crazy at some points throughout the film it was like watching the fresh prince fighting! Jackie Chan of course was an essential pice of casting for this film as there really is no one else that would have been able to step up to this role....although i'm sure Joe the cage fighting drama brat would like to think he should have been cast! If anyone goes to see this film check out the chinese kid that Jayden's character, Dre has to fight at the end of the film...he looks like the evil king from Role Models!!

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