Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Your help please!

Please fill out this survey to help me with a university project on people's opinions of luxury. x


Monday, 29 November 2010

Homebody Photography

ASOS A/W 2010, Photographed by Todd Selby 

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010


Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I will even finish what I’ve started.
I just got my hair cut and it feels like I need it doing again.
Its frosty outside, and I want to wear a dress.
I keep telling myself that I’m going to work hard, fully knowing that I wont until the night before the deadline.
Now all I want to do is look at blogs until 4 in the morning.
I’m going for a run.
And then have a bowl of cereal.
I will sit and eat them, maybe on my own, maybe with someone.
The battery on my mobile has died, I forgot to charge it.
It seems like everyone is doing something and I’m not.
It’s like I’m going to be stuck in this place for a while.
Or maybe the opposite is happening.
I can’t be bothered with my essay right now.
But I want to make pictures until my eyelids are forced shut.
I’ve had the same song on my iPod on repeat for 17 minutes.
I have just realised that what I have told myself I didn’t want, is the one thing I want more than anything.
And while I was looking out for something that did not exist, the thing that did exist was right in front of my eyes and I did not know.
Sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother that told you what to do.
How to make the right choices
How to make the right anything.
Downloading music is illegal…I should be in prison.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today's colour is blue

Im fed up. Even sitting here looking out of my window at the full moon illuminating the tree tops of Nottingham, whilst listening to Zane Lowe play Jay-z's Black Album in full on Radio 1 is not raising my spirits. Im poor, I have a sprained ankle that just isn't getting better, I have too much work to do, i'm the only one in both mine and next door's flat not going out tonight and i'm also missing my friends from home like crazy.

A serious lack of motivation has hit me in a massive kind of way. Today has been spent staring at the screen of my laptop in an attempt that an article on luxury sportswear will appear on the screen....as of yet there are only 350 words and they are pretty shocking words at that.

I need to snap out of this and realise that moping around and feeling sorry for myself because if I spend another 13p I will have maxed out my overdraft, will not magically create all the work that needs doing.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Postsecrets 21/11/10

Every Sunday morning before my eyes can properly focus, I click on the bookmark labelled 'Postsecrets' at the top of my laptop screen. Sometimes if i'm lucky enough and come home late enough on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, they will already be there! But due to the time difference between rainy England and frosty America this is a rare occurrence as it means that I have to be getting in at around 5am, and i'm just not hardcore enough for those sorts of nights out anymore!

This morning as my bleary eyes focused on the screen I realised that this weeks secrets were going to be good, and they certainly didn't disappoint. It's been my favourite post for a number of weeks, with these being a few of the best!

I Heart Wildfox

When I don't even have enough cash to get the bus I shouldn't be looking at Wildfox t-shirts, but I just love them sooooo very much that I found it too hard to resist, which is when I came across these two beauties!


Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Only Exception

Paramore were playing last night at M.E.N and I had tickets!! Unfortunately I had missed out on standing tickets or even really good seated tickets as I spent an entire afternoon arguing with Kent, about the likelihood of her surviving a mosh pit (not that there were going to be any at a Paramore gig!)  

So we had seats pretty far back, which was kind of rubbish as I felt that it prevented me from doing some serious perving on either of the Farro brothers (although Zac is my fav!) and actually, also perving on the unbelievably beautiful and talented Miss Hayley Williams, for one very tiny person her stage presence and voice are unreal, which meant that being so far away was actually not a problem!! 


4th in a series of 4 mood boards

Thursday, 18 November 2010


3rd in a series of 4 mood boards

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


2nd in a series of 4 mood boards.


1st in a series of 4 mood boards

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Miss Clarke x

This is the result of me dying Ellen's hair in my kitchen last week. Im pretty impressed with my hairdressing skills!!! 

Take a look at her blog at

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Ellie Goulding at Rock City last night was perfection. My favourite guitar playing blonde is even more unbelievably talented and beautiful in real life than I could have ever imagined.

The writer is still my favourite of her songs, the words, the music, Ellie's voice, the memories it brings back to me and to top it off someone came on stage and proposed to their girlfriend in the crowd last night just before Ellie performed it made it even more perfect.


Sunday, 7 November 2010


Friday was judgement day, was I going to wake up with my voice back, giving me the opportunity to participate in my seminar group's brand expansion presentation?? Luckily for me my breathless whispers had turned into a husky croak....so I was good to go!!

Each group had been allocated a brand, and then had been set the task of coming up with the idea of a way in which to expand the brand. We had been given Firetrap, which at first I thought was the short straw as the other groups within my seminar class had been allocated brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Urban Outfitters to name a few. But very soon after we commenced research we discovered that we probably had the best brand as we felt that there was so much room for expansion, the brand had a very identifiable feel to it and it was also very easily accessible.

As a group we came up with the plan that our brand expansion strategy would be a make up range to reflect the brand's edgy urban style. Here are some of the promotional flyers we created to assist in the launch of the range.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

So Beautiful

Yes please!!

oh so quiet..

Roll on the 16th December when I will be getting the best ever christmas present. Not from santa, but from the National Health Service, 10 years of asking has paid off and i'm finally having my tonsils removed!!
Most people probabley couldn't think of a worse present, but for me, being in the knowledge that I wont have tonsillitis every couple of months fills me with about as much joy as a Louboutain shoe box sitting under my tree or a french bulldog puppy with a big red bow round its neck!

But at the moment I am still in possession of the two lumps at the back of my throat, which are both currently the size of potatoes and infected (sorry to be graphic!) Not only do I have another bout of tonsillitis, but this time I have lost my voice as well, this has only happened once before and it was on my 13th birthday!! Whereas there may be a positive side to my lack of vocal chords at the moment....my flat mates can live in peace and quiet and my Dad doesn't have to listen to me calling him because i've fused a lamp or cant find my passport!! But the MASSIVE downside to my current state is that I have a 15 min brand expansion presentation to do tomorrow at uni and unless I can learn sign language overnight or a miracle happens and I get my voice back I have a feeling I am going to fail!!! OOOPPPPSS!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

First piece of work...handed in!!

Yesterday was the deadline for my first piece of work to be handed in, the work being a group presentation proposal. My group had chosen the title of our presentation to be 'Fashion on a Ration. Is vintage clothing fashion's answer to the economic crisis?'

"Our group’s presentation will be an enquiry into the effect that periods of economic crisis in Britain have on fashion, looking specifically at World War 2, and comparing it to contemporary trends in vintage fashion since the financial recession of the past 5 years. Our reason for investigating the effect vintage buying has on fashion today is because we believe that buying inexpensively is reminiscent of the past. The rationing and recession in World War 2 is relatable to the economic crisis in contemporary culture."

We decided to present the work in a vintage suitcase, along with a few vintage looking trinkets and wrap the document in brown paper tied with string, to embrace that war time feeling!!

This, along with the written work went down well with our tutor, so all 4 of us in our group were pretty happy!!

Sorry about the image quality, the picture is from my phone!!