Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I'm desperate for a new tattoo!! Shopping in Southampton today meant that I walked past 2 tattoo parlours and could hear the buzzing, vibrating noise of somebody having eternal artwork etched in their skin.
I currently have 3 tattoos, the first one I had was my brother's names (Jack and Joe) in sanskrit across the bottom of my back, the second one, which was done in two sittings as I just couldn't take the pain, is of 5 chinese cherry blossom flowers and....8 floating petals (just had to lift up my top to count!) down the side of my ribs. The third, most recent, is of a letter "A" on the inside of my right wrist.

I'm all for tattoos meaning something and being personal, rather than being something you just saw and kind of liked! You ready for some emotional stuff...here goes the meanings to mine!!
my brothers names were tattooed on my back the day after splitting up with a long term boyfriend. At the time I was of the opinion that nothing, not even a tattoo, would hurt as much as the heartbreak I was going through. Also that the only men you can ever rely on, apart from your Dad, are your brothers.
Chinese cherry blossom, only blooms in the first week of April (my birthday), and is traditionally a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts. I had the first sitting on the 2nd of January last year, as I was adamant that 2009 was the year I was going to sort my life out and make something of myself. Rather than moping around with no confidence, feeling like I had so many dreams and so much ambition, but not enough talent or belief in myself that I could actually act it.
Finally, my "A" is obviously representative of my name, but as this tattoo is constantly visible, I believe it is a constant reminder of how happy I was at the time when I got it done. I wanted something that when I look at it, makes me feel warm inside with the reminder of how I was feeling at the time.

At the moment the tattoo I really want is of a feather on the inside of my forearm, just before my elbow. No colour, just black ink, probably about 5cm long. No reason why though!! I just want it really bad!! Although I know my friend Rob will try to talk me out of it, as he does every time I talk about getting fresh ink! He thinks that as a 23 year old, very single woman, I should not be limiting the men that would be interested in me as time is running out!! He says lots of guys hate tattoos on women and wouldn't look twice at an inked up girl so I shouldn't be permanently painting my body, but its probably too late for that now anyway!! As to Robs, opinion, I like guys with tattoos, I mean, Travis Barker and David Beckaham are up there in my top 5 men so it must be the same way round with guys liking girls with tattoos! I honestly don't think that my tattoos are my problem when it comes to dating, it more like my ability to completely repulse men, or turn them into my best friend, that seems to be where i'm mainly going wrong!!

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