Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Needed...one printer and Photoshop CS5 for Mac!!

I've got about a month before I start uni and before then I need to buy a new printer as I dropped my last one when I moved back home last summer and photoshop CS5....of course I need the newest one!! As I am poor...poor..poor after booking another two holidays that i'm going on in 2 weeks (Dublin and Majorca..YAY!!) I'm attempting to get rid of the old, to bring in some extra money, Ebay and car boot sales are my new source of income.

Have a look at my Ebay shop and see if there is anything that you want, i'm constantly uploading new bits and pieces so keep checking!!! Alternatively come and find me in a soggy local field at 7am on a sunday morning to hunt through my junk!!


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