Sunday, 22 August 2010

Heidi and Audrina eat your heart've got nothing on these gals!!

Bad move aggy!

The fall 2010 edition of Love caught my eye earlier, but sadly because I think Aggy looks horrific. She looks more butch lesbian than supermodel......sorry!!

Simple Things....

I think it’s oddly more acceptable to complain about the trivial things that bother you than it is to take note of special little moments throughout the day. There’s no one word to sum up those simple things that make you smile, I’ve created a list of my top ten.

1. The first day of the year when you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face through your car's windscreen

2. Climbing underneath clean, crispy, line dried bed covers, with moisturised skin.

3. Selfless acts of kindness from unexpected strangers.

4. Postsecrets on a Sunday morning

5. When my cat comes to me for love, rather than me chasing him round the house trying to catch him

6. lying in the sun with your eyes closed and all you can see is the illuminated pinks of the insides of your eyelids.

7. The smell of a clean man.

8. Still having a purse full of money, the morning after a night out.

9. Laughing so much it hurts


Thursday, 19 August 2010


When you get a text from a friend, saying that he has contacts which will enable me to get massive reductions at Alexander McQueen, I instantly jumped at the chance (and nearly wet myself with excitement at the same time!!!)

As I am still supposed to be saving I am trying to limit myself to essentials only...yes I am aware that at cut price all McQueen items are essential. But I have reduced my shopping list to 3 items....

1.) Grey and Marine blue chiffon silk skull print scarf

2.) Mushroom enamel skull bangle (got to love those McQueen skulls!)

3.) Tan faithful zipper wallet

When Rob (my bbff) found out about this secret of mine he also sent over his shopping list!! Sadly for me he earns a lot more money than me and has nothing to save for as he is living the bachelor life in his own flat and cruising around in his convertible with personalised plates (the man seems to have endless cash!!) So he felt the need to add a few items to my shopping list for himself.....

1.) Stone upside down skull muffler scarf (not just me that loves skulls!)

2.) McQueen black leather wallet

3.) Dark blue asymmetric cardigan

While looking on I came across this BEAUT!!!! It pretty much is a combination of everything I love...its black....its has skulls on it....and a knuckle duster, what more could I need!!?? If anyone fancy's investing in it for me I will love them forever!!

R.I.P Lee McQueen x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Love, By Unknown

We knew it would happen.
Four years of tension and friendship.
It didn't start that way. I offered you a sip of my cider under the bridge when I was fourteen, you were fifteen, you drank half the bottle!
I'd paid a fiver for that.
I loved your very nearly arrogant self-confidence.
Your awesome intelligence.
The way you used to wear grotty holey jeans, like me.
Then we both progressed to our clean-cut eccentric styles. But knew we'd happily sit in the dust and dirt in our best clothes just because.
Your hats!
I loved that you loved hats too.
I loved that you inspired me.
I loved that you gave me your Natural Sciences hoody from uni.
I loved that you showed me Amelie.
And Breakfast at Tiffanys.
Well that's one thing we've got...
I loved that we would quote obscure song lyrics at each other to form conversations.
That I would wake up in the middle of the night to find you groggily waking up beside me and gently pulling me even closer.
That your hair was as ginger as it gets!
That your arms were just the right kind of rounded muscle.
That one of your ears stuck out at a funny angle.
That you got spots.
That we were both freckly together.
That you'd always fall asleep before me.
That you grew a moustache!! (Also ginger)
That you took me to get a pie on Valentines day :)
That our passion won't die.

I'm eating crisps on my bed right now, and your hoodie is hung on the wardrobe door opposite me.
Amelie is shut away inside the DVD case on top of my speakers behind me.
Your socks are on my desk, all crumpled.
Your hat is on the second-to-bottom shelf of my cupboard.

And I know you still have my t-shirt.
And that picture I drew.
And the wrapper from the Wensleydale cheese I bought you in return for my Valentines pie.

I love that we both know it's happening without having to even speak about it.

And I hate that we both know it's happening without having even spoken to each other in months.

"and I am a material Girl"

So the queen of pop, Madonna sees what I see in my favourite angry teenager, Taylor Momsen and has her as the face of her very own "Material Girl" clothes line, exclusively for Macy's. I'm loving the grey jersey blazer and the studded leather jacket! All I can say is that thank god my most favourite Ex-boyfriend is in New York at the moment and he will be getting another one of my special shopping lists of things to ship home to me!!!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the shoot, notice both Madonna and Lourdes directing from behind the camera!!

Cat in a hat

My latest purchase....... although I think my head is a bit of a funny shape and it doesn't fit properly, hence the sad face so not sure how much I will wear it although I love love love it!!! Of course I didn't buy it because I saw Ellie Goulding in a very similar one!!!! printer and Photoshop CS5 for Mac!!

I've got about a month before I start uni and before then I need to buy a new printer as I dropped my last one when I moved back home last summer and photoshop CS5....of course I need the newest one!! As I am poor...poor..poor after booking another two holidays that i'm going on in 2 weeks (Dublin and Majorca..YAY!!) I'm attempting to get rid of the old, to bring in some extra money, Ebay and car boot sales are my new source of income.

Have a look at my Ebay shop and see if there is anything that you want, i'm constantly uploading new bits and pieces so keep checking!!! Alternatively come and find me in a soggy local field at 7am on a sunday morning to hunt through my junk!!

Back to reality!!

12 days without internet connection....paaaainful!! Almost as painful as my sprained ankle after I was pushed down the step, out of the smoking area in Oceana on Friday night resulting in my landing on my face and scratching my new wedges... (cheers Hannah!). Also nearly as painful as the new bit of metal I had put in my ear on Saturday morning!!

So im back to reality and the first thing that my 7gb internet connection now provided by BT, made me aware of was that 4 of my favourite 6th formers are coming back....Will, Simon, Jay and Neil also known as the inbetweeners are back in September. After Harry Potter and Zac efron, these guys are my favourite adolescent males and the thought of a third series brings a tear to my eye!!

Here is what we have to look forward to next month!!

Sneak peek at series 3!!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


I'm desperate for a new tattoo!! Shopping in Southampton today meant that I walked past 2 tattoo parlours and could hear the buzzing, vibrating noise of somebody having eternal artwork etched in their skin.
I currently have 3 tattoos, the first one I had was my brother's names (Jack and Joe) in sanskrit across the bottom of my back, the second one, which was done in two sittings as I just couldn't take the pain, is of 5 chinese cherry blossom flowers and....8 floating petals (just had to lift up my top to count!) down the side of my ribs. The third, most recent, is of a letter "A" on the inside of my right wrist.

I'm all for tattoos meaning something and being personal, rather than being something you just saw and kind of liked! You ready for some emotional goes the meanings to mine!!
my brothers names were tattooed on my back the day after splitting up with a long term boyfriend. At the time I was of the opinion that nothing, not even a tattoo, would hurt as much as the heartbreak I was going through. Also that the only men you can ever rely on, apart from your Dad, are your brothers.
Chinese cherry blossom, only blooms in the first week of April (my birthday), and is traditionally a sign of new beginnings and fresh starts. I had the first sitting on the 2nd of January last year, as I was adamant that 2009 was the year I was going to sort my life out and make something of myself. Rather than moping around with no confidence, feeling like I had so many dreams and so much ambition, but not enough talent or belief in myself that I could actually act it.
Finally, my "A" is obviously representative of my name, but as this tattoo is constantly visible, I believe it is a constant reminder of how happy I was at the time when I got it done. I wanted something that when I look at it, makes me feel warm inside with the reminder of how I was feeling at the time.

At the moment the tattoo I really want is of a feather on the inside of my forearm, just before my elbow. No colour, just black ink, probably about 5cm long. No reason why though!! I just want it really bad!! Although I know my friend Rob will try to talk me out of it, as he does every time I talk about getting fresh ink! He thinks that as a 23 year old, very single woman, I should not be limiting the men that would be interested in me as time is running out!! He says lots of guys hate tattoos on women and wouldn't look twice at an inked up girl so I shouldn't be permanently painting my body, but its probably too late for that now anyway!! As to Robs, opinion, I like guys with tattoos, I mean, Travis Barker and David Beckaham are up there in my top 5 men so it must be the same way round with guys liking girls with tattoos! I honestly don't think that my tattoos are my problem when it comes to dating, it more like my ability to completely repulse men, or turn them into my best friend, that seems to be where i'm mainly going wrong!!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A.P 4 K.C x

sshhh....keep it quiet and I will share a secret

"what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?"-Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 1

Just like Lewis Carrol's Alice, I like pictures!! So is like heaven for me. Page after page of images. No particular order and no organisation means that you can come across images that you would not have done if they were categorised!

I can search this site for hours, and I still back up my comment to Hannah the other day that it is better than Facebook and Skype combined and I love them both!!

The only problem is that when I find an image I like i save it to my desktop, and now my desktop is heaving with cute images! Here are a few of my favourites that I have saved over the past month or so.

Wax on, Wax off!!

The last few days have had a pretty Chinese theme to them. My baby brother Joe headed east, to spend a month fight training in a Buddhist help him prepare for and become the Ultimate Fighting Champion (or so he seems to think!)

I was feeling pretty fed up a few days ago, so what better way to cheer me up other than going out to my favourite chinese restaurant, R2 in Bishops Waltham with my daddy! This place is unreal, you will not find deep fried chicken balls and chips here. It is strictly the real deal!! The staff are so sweet and friendly, that I always end up falling in love with the waiter by the end of the meal. I can never decide what to order as it is all so amazing, so this time I just guessed at something random off the menu and crossed my fingers it was going to be good. As expected it was something special, I don't understand how the chicken in there is so soft and white! Sorry to get so emotional about food, but I love chinese soooo bad!!!

My Dad is strictly a jeans and trainers kinda guy, so it was tres cute when he put on his best shoes and trousers to take me out for dinner because he said he didn't want me out doing him in the style stakes..aaaawww love him!!!

As we forgot to go on Wednesday, and take advantage of me being on Orange and getting buy one get one free on cinema tickets. I went with my middle brother Jack and one of his best friends to see the new Karate Kid film on Thursday. Sadly getting to the cinema involved myself and 2 fully grown men getting into my Smart Car, but the film was so worth the crushed journey there!

Jayden Smith is really cute and although I don't think he really looks like his dad, Will, his mannerisms are so similar it is crazy at some points throughout the film it was like watching the fresh prince fighting! Jackie Chan of course was an essential pice of casting for this film as there really is no one else that would have been able to step up to this role....although i'm sure Joe the cage fighting drama brat would like to think he should have been cast! If anyone goes to see this film check out the chinese kid that Jayden's character, Dre has to fight at the end of the film...he looks like the evil king from Role Models!!

Ellie Goulding : The Writer


I know I am adamant that in some way I am related to Ellie Goulding because the spelling of the surname is really un-common and it is predominant in my close family, but secretly I think I just love her way too much and I'm hoping she is my long lost cousin and we can be best friends!! I just think pretty much everything about her is pretty cool...and she is clearly so beautiful! I think most people that know me by now realise that the Angelina's, Megan's and Cheryl's of this world don't make me jealous in anyway! But it is the unconventionally beautiful and effortlessly cool of the likes of Ellie Goulding that make me green with envy!

I listened to her album pretty much on repeat on holiday and I continue to now i'm back and it made me realise how beautiful her latest release from her Album 'Lights' is. Ok, the chorus to 'The Writer' does make me think of the Lionel Richie Video for Hello, where the blind girl makes lionel's head out of clay but even this reference cannot spoil the amazing-ness of this song.

You wait for a silence
I wait for a word
Lying next to your frame
Girl unobserved
You change your position
You're changing me
Casting these shadows
Where they shouldn't be

We're interrupted
By the heat of the sun
Trying to prevent
What's already begun
You're just a body
I can smell your skin
And when I feel it
You're wearing thin

But I've got a plan
Why don't you be the artist
And make me out of clay?
Why don't you be the writer
Decide the words I say?
Cause I'd rather pretend
I'll still be there at the end
Only it's too hard to ask
Won't you try to help me?

Sat on your sofa
It's all broken springs
This isn't the place for
Those violin strings
I try out a smile
And I aim it at you
You must have missed it
You always do

But I've got a plan
Why don't you be the artist
And make me out of clay?
Why don't you be the writer
Decide the words I say?
Cause I'd rather pretend
I'll still be there at the end
Only it's too hard to ask
Won't you try to help me?

By the way, I have no issues with Lionel Richie, I think he's a legend and Hello is a tune!!!

Come fly with me....

Hours sat around a week reading fashion magazines led me to notice a consistent trend from a predominantly Burberry Prorsum's, but also 3.1 Philip Lim, Just Cavalli and Emilio Pucci's A/W 2010 collection,a garment that no one seems to be able to get enough of.....AVIATOR JACKETS!!!

Yes, we are talking fully blown Top Gun style jackets, complete with sheep skin lining, huge stand up collars and buckles and belts as embellishment. Apparently the military trend of the summer had taken to the air and in my opinion is flying high.

Sadly, I have a feeling that my student loan will not be enough to purchase myself one of Burberry's Beauts, so I will be sticking to either a replica from the high street, or scouting out a vintage one on Ebay or in a vintage store!! At the moment my favorite is Topshop's replica, but at nearly £300 can I justify it when I am supposed to be saving to survive at Uni, and so far I have nothing!!?? Although I am well aware that the cost-per-wear would justify my buying it. I have also found other good replicas at Next and Asos both at around £100, so maybe I will have to consider them when it comes to making my purchase as soon as payday comes around the corner!!
Topshop's delish offering..

And the one from ASOS!