Thursday, 19 August 2010


When you get a text from a friend, saying that he has contacts which will enable me to get massive reductions at Alexander McQueen, I instantly jumped at the chance (and nearly wet myself with excitement at the same time!!!)

As I am still supposed to be saving I am trying to limit myself to essentials only...yes I am aware that at cut price all McQueen items are essential. But I have reduced my shopping list to 3 items....

1.) Grey and Marine blue chiffon silk skull print scarf

2.) Mushroom enamel skull bangle (got to love those McQueen skulls!)

3.) Tan faithful zipper wallet

When Rob (my bbff) found out about this secret of mine he also sent over his shopping list!! Sadly for me he earns a lot more money than me and has nothing to save for as he is living the bachelor life in his own flat and cruising around in his convertible with personalised plates (the man seems to have endless cash!!) So he felt the need to add a few items to my shopping list for himself.....

1.) Stone upside down skull muffler scarf (not just me that loves skulls!)

2.) McQueen black leather wallet

3.) Dark blue asymmetric cardigan

While looking on I came across this BEAUT!!!! It pretty much is a combination of everything I love...its black....its has skulls on it....and a knuckle duster, what more could I need!!?? If anyone fancy's investing in it for me I will love them forever!!

R.I.P Lee McQueen x

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