Monday, 21 March 2011

Saw this and thought of you straight away

Thanks Alex!

Alex came across this video earlier and it really interested me as not only is it a really nice piece of film, but after my recent report that I did on a potential make up range for Viktor and Rolf, where I studied in depth the makeup brand Ilamasqua as it's closest rival it has become a brand that I am greatly interested in. I just really love how as a brand they draw inspiration form so many different periods of time, social groups and trends.

The Brand Film of Illamasqua

Publication: Self Service
Issue: Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Model: Lara Stone

Spring is in the air.

Walking home this evening at just before midnight, I could smell it, spring is finally on its way. The night sky was a hazy orange from the light pollution that Nottingham casts on the usual velvety black night sky that I normally gaze up at when I am at home. But the air was warmer than usual, it smelled of summer and you could almost taste something in the air that casts memories of the amazing summer I had last year. x

Completely Gaga for Nick Knight and Nicola Formichetti

When I found that Nick Knight was director and Nicola Formichetti fashion director for Lady Gaga's new video for her single "born this way" I had really high expectations and was expecting something amazing. after days of searching continuously on Youtube for the highly anticipated video, it was finally released, and one word to describe it is WIERD!! Don't get me wrong I was expecting it to be completely eccentric, but the whole concept of Gaga as 'Mother Monster' and giving birth to good and evil in a kaleidoscopic way is just mental (and kind of not in a good way) along with her pyramid shoulder, cheek and forehead implants which are nasty!!

On the positive side she looks amazing in her studded bikini in the opening scene of the actual song. Her body is something i'd sell a vital organ for!! My favourite scene is the one where she is dressed in a Thierry Mugler tuexedo, has a mass of bright pink candy floss hair in a side ponytail and Gaga has been painted to look like a skeleton. The make up is so intricate and well done that it actually looks opaque. like her skin is transparent and that there is a light shining from the inside of her body.

All in all, its a video that will get people talking, it's not Nick Knights best work, I was impressed by Formichetti's work, but sadly its definitely no 'Telephone'!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I really don't know why i'm finding it so hard to blog at the moment. Its not for lack for lack of time, inspiration or even things talk about. The thing is I have loads to say, but its like I feel that my blog has become like an old friend that I have lost contact with. You know that its the same friend you had all along, loads of stuff has happened that you want to tell them about, but due to the separation its just become too awkward. So that when you walk past them in the street (or in my case on my bookmark tabs) just just smile, say "hi" and walk on by. I need to start stopping and letting that old friend back into my life and filling them with all the things that I have to share with them. x