Saturday, 30 April 2011

That Bitch Has Everything

A recent project that i've had to do was a photographic brief, which ended up in me spending hours perving over Amber Rose....she truly is daaaaammm haaawwtt in every way possible. This is a page from the photographic brief, just demonstrating how fit she is!

Impossible Is Nothing

Kate suffered bullying. Kate had a picture of Prince William hanging on the wall ofher room, like several other girls. Kate had a dream to marry him, as did several other girls. The percentage of enrollment at the University St Andrews that year grew 44%, and 9 out of 10 students were women. It was impossible“ to draw the attention of the prince in the middle of that crowd, it was impossible“ to have chance with him at all, they were all plebeian. But Kate didn’t stop believing.....and yesterday, when she climbed into the church, it was he who was waiting for her.

And so I learned that no matter. Whether it’s the one guy who makes your heart race or the prince of England. What matters is that nothing is impossible. No matter who or what gets in the way, what’s yours is yours and you will arrive at the right time.

The Middleton Sisters Stole The Show

Not has there been this much hype over a royal event since the wedding of Charles and Diana, so it was with great national excitement when Kate Middleton finally walked down the isle at Westminster Abbey yesterday towards her very own prince charming. Although it was interesting to follow the wedding as it happened via the bbc's live coverage, there was only one thing that I wanted to see, and that was Kate's dress.

Weeks ago Grazia had reported that Kate may be wearing a McQueen dress, but then when I saw images of Kate, her sister Pippa and her mother Carole being personally escorted out of Alice Temperley in London, by Alice herself, I became overwhelmed at the thought of Kate wearing a Temperley gown as in my opinion, there is no other designer I would want to be wearing as I walked down the isle. 

When Kate finally got out of the car to enter the Abbey and it was announced that she in fact was wearing a  Mcqueen dress, designed by Sarah Burton it seemed not only the perfect dress for the future queen of England, but also the perfect homage to the late King of English fashion. 


Clearly Kate stole the show in the fashion stakes as you would naturally expect, but in close 2nd place came her sister. Pippa's bridesmaid dress was miles away from a unflattering peach taffeta number you expect at a standard wedding. Again designed by Sarah Burton, creative director at Mcqueen, the ivory satin and crepe dress was slinky over her petite frame and it went perfectly with Kate's gown.


Friday, 8 April 2011

Story of my life


It was my birthday yesterday, another year older and not another year wiser. 24 is an adult, a fully fledged real person, living a real grown up life. So how is it that I am 24??!!

Gift wise, of course there was loads I wanted, but I really had my heart set on a pair of Liberty Nike trainers. I had mentioned this a few times to my parents in a hope that they would click on and realise that as soon as they were released they would sell out, and that they would realise the importance of placing an early order. Sadly for me they were all long gone so quickly that I missed out.

Although,they are being sold in Office as of the 1st of May, so hopefully I will have some of my student loan spare so I can buy them for myself as an unbirthday gift.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


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Sticks and Stones My Break My Bones.

I am obsessed with skulls.

Or basically anything that has once belonged to something living....skulls, bones, antlers and horns, the list goes on! In the past two weeks I have literally found on the floor 2 perfectly intact skulls (both questionable as to what kind of animal they were, but rumour is they may be a fox and a cat, but i'd rather not think about it!) These 2 items are currently looking down on me from my windowsill in my bedroom in Nottingham. I seem to feel that they need a companion so I am currently bidding on Ebay for a human skull that was used in science lectures in the 80's. Fingers crossed for a big win here!

In my search for skeletal goodies I came across these beautiful items of jewellery on a blog no idea where there from, but I fell in love instantly and needed to share their beauty. Now I just need to track down where they are from!

Friday, 1 April 2011