Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Back to reality!!

12 days without internet connection....paaaainful!! Almost as painful as my sprained ankle after I was pushed down the step, out of the smoking area in Oceana on Friday night resulting in my landing on my face and scratching my new wedges... (cheers Hannah!). Also nearly as painful as the new bit of metal I had put in my ear on Saturday morning!!

So im back to reality and the first thing that my 7gb internet connection now provided by BT, made me aware of was that 4 of my favourite 6th formers are coming back....Will, Simon, Jay and Neil also known as the inbetweeners are back in September. After Harry Potter and Zac efron, these guys are my favourite adolescent males and the thought of a third series brings a tear to my eye!!

Here is what we have to look forward to next month!!

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