Monday, 7 February 2011

two tickets to the gun show

I've recently been spending too much time looking at tattoos and thinking of new designs to cover my body with! whilst looking at Fuck Yeah, Tattoos! on Tumblr I came across this beaut. Clearly due to my lack of rid-unk-u-lous body its just not going to happen, but if it was an option I would for sure get one of these guns tattooed on me!! 

Long time no see....

Its been too long since I checked in here. Almost has got to the point of giving up because it has been so long! 
I'm not really sure what I've been doing since I arrived back in Nottingham for the start of term a month ago. Apart from spending a beautiful 5 days in snowy Manhattan, the rest has been spent composing a marketing report on the possible launch of a Viktor and Rolf make up collection to coincide with their bi annual collections, drinking too much and sleeping equally as much!! 

Note to self: Must make more of an effort to work and blog more and less of an effort making fancy dress costumes and drinking Jagerbombs.