Saturday, 31 July 2010

27 Bed bug bites, a white bum and a braid......i'm back!!!

I know I came back a week ago, but life seems to have been crazy!! I had a week's worth of washing and ironing to do, two weddings to attend and working full time, although dreading it, had to start at some point! So here I am, a week after "touch down in London town" and I think one more full nights sleep and I may have recovered from my holiday!! Typical Alice style...go on holiday and come back needing another to recover!! I pretty much spent the entire week drinking and lying in the sun nursing the hangover, thanks to the night before's extra curricular activities!!

I had a good week, and actually met some really wicked people...but it is fo sho, the last trashy holiday I go on! I was kind of annoyed that in total I spent about £800 on the whole holiday plus spending money and was in Malia for a week and all I have to show for it was 5 hangovers (I had a night off and slept for about 18 hours!) and a fake Mui Mui handbag. But my baby brother Joe is in China for a month and it is costing him the same amount, personally I know where id rather be, and sadly it isn't a Greek island that on the 1000 metre bar strip hosts a Mcdonalds....a Subway....Dominoes Pizza...KFC.....2 strip clubs and a tattoo shop called, wait for it.........Malia Ink!!!

Once we had arrived in our apartment, which did in fact resemble a YMCA hostel, that was so close to bar strip you could pretty much shout your order to the girl working in the nearest bar from our balcony, we found out that our airline had gone bust as we were pretty much flying over the we had got really far! Which at the time seemed like a bit of an adventure. But once I found out that what I thought was mosquito bites all over my legs were in fact bedbug bites, the thought of not getting home on the date we where due to travel on terrified me. Luckily for us we managed to board our overnight flight headed for London Gatwick a week after we took off.

Basically Malia is freshers week in the sun for horny English people, here are a few of my holiday snaps that don't have alcohol added in!!

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