Sunday, 11 July 2010

look how happy £7.00 can make me!!

Yesterday, £2.00 bought me 4 rolls of patterned sellotape. For those who know me well, they are aware that I love to collage!! Normally involving lots of masking tape, graph paper, black and white photos, string, stained and dusty smelling pages from old book.....mmmmmm, i'm getting a bit over excited!! So to add to my massive box of junk that I use for making my work with, I am now adding these rolls of tape! Personally I like the blue one with the apples on best, especially the apples that have been bitten into!!! Now I just need to find something to stick down, which leads to my most recent £5.00 purchase!! To my unbelievable excitement I found one copy of i-D in my local newsagents, to most this may not sound like a triumph, but living in Alresford generally means that you struggle to even buy Vogue and have to mission out of town to reality to stock up on decent magazines that are not farming, fishing or horse related. So when to my delight I saw the logo winking at me from between "Tractor Monthly" and "Horse and Hound" I felt it was fate and destiny all rolled into one and pounced on it straight away!!

To my delight, the interview right at the back of this edition is one with photographer David LaChapelle, who's work I love and who I have admired for ages. Here he gives a really down to earth insight into himself and his work. He also talks about a recent shoot that he did with Daphne Guinness for Maybach car manufacturers , A shoot that I had seen and was really intrigued in due to the context of the shoot, the contrast between model, car and setting is huge, but each aspect somehow ties in with each other for a really successful outcome.

Here are some images I saw towards the end of last year from behind the scenes at the shoot, as well as a few of the final images.

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