Tuesday, 6 July 2010

blondes have more fun....but do pinks do it better??

So after having blue rinses for the last few months to make my hair some shade of blue, grey or purple, depending on how lady gaga im feeling, i'm over it now and want a change. Two major factors have made me decide that ice cream pastel coloured hair is a good idea, Katy Perry's 'California Girls' video where she is rocking out in a bright blue wig and a sort of purply coloured one, I love KP and in my opinion that girl can do no wrong!! Also the amazingly beautiful girl I saw at guildford train station on Saturday night not only was she wearing some delish black and white patent brogues but also had a to die for pink barnett!! I loved her washed out pastel pink hair so much as it was obvious that she was blonde, but she had just had a pink rinse. Either this, or she was blonde and had dyed it bright pink but it was slowly washing out, either way it was fierce and I want a slice of the pink action!!! I know that I'm not after the Perez Hilton, Lily Allen, pink kind of colour and that it needs to be a lot lighter, but whether to go for all over colour, tye dye or just the ends of my hair will be something I need to decide on before, in the words of Nerissa "I get my weave did!!!"

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