Tuesday, 6 July 2010

hola chica's...

I'm baaaaccckk!!! Nope I have not been away, although last weekend I had a last minute spontaneous trip to devon with Hannah....tres amazing!!! The weather was de-freakin-lish...... 30 degrees all weekend so we just lay on the beach during the day and had some serious tanning action going on!! Although I was very good (well kind of) at topping up my spf's during the day, ensuring my skin didn't get too ruined by the beautiful english sunshine, I did neglect my lips which managed to get burned..sad times!! I woke up monday morning looking like a mixture of the bride of wildenstein and the nutty professor mid transformation!! My lips were HUGE, so big I couldn't talk properly and I kept dribbling...always the attractive one me!! Luckily after lots of ice lollies and about 8 hours they had shrunk small enough to leave the house. This is a lesson to all.....USE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES skin damage and sunburn is never in vogue!!!

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