Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bon Voyage!!

Back in February when I was planning my summer holiday with Carly it seemed all the places I wanted to go began with the letter M!! Spring Break in Miami......Swimming with dolphins in Mexico....beautiful white beaches in week in Milan. All of these places seemed full of excitement and where I wanted to spend my summer. So how is it that, tomorrow I will be boarding a flight heading for.......MALIA :( oh gaaawwwd, even now when I think of it I cringe!! It would be all very well if I was 17 and having my first girls holiday, but sadly I am 23, and well past the sell by date for these kind of places!!

So im all packed and ready to go!! Somehow I have managed to get a weeks worth of "stuff" in a hand luggage sized bag, because I refused to pay £45 extra to take a suitcase (ok, i'm a bit of a closet pikey!!) I've probably forgotten something very important as I just don't seem to have enough in my bag, especially when I already have a copies of Vogue, Elle, Elle Collections and iD plus a paperback copy of sex and city (as I still have not got round to reading it, even though I know the series word for word!) taking up a very large proportion of the space in my bag!!

Oh well, i've tried to prepare to make the week as bearable as possible...lots of reading to do, new playlist (which I have fittingly called 'are you gonna bang no thanks i'm not a skank and don't want to catch aids!!') and films on my ipod. This entertainment along with my Hawaiian Tropics factor 0 carrot oil should make it as fun as possible!!

Fingers crossed I come back alive. See you in a week with stories to tell!

ciao x x x

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