Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today's colour is blue

Im fed up. Even sitting here looking out of my window at the full moon illuminating the tree tops of Nottingham, whilst listening to Zane Lowe play Jay-z's Black Album in full on Radio 1 is not raising my spirits. Im poor, I have a sprained ankle that just isn't getting better, I have too much work to do, i'm the only one in both mine and next door's flat not going out tonight and i'm also missing my friends from home like crazy.

A serious lack of motivation has hit me in a massive kind of way. Today has been spent staring at the screen of my laptop in an attempt that an article on luxury sportswear will appear on the screen....as of yet there are only 350 words and they are pretty shocking words at that.

I need to snap out of this and realise that moping around and feeling sorry for myself because if I spend another 13p I will have maxed out my overdraft, will not magically create all the work that needs doing.


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