Wednesday, 3 November 2010

First piece of work...handed in!!

Yesterday was the deadline for my first piece of work to be handed in, the work being a group presentation proposal. My group had chosen the title of our presentation to be 'Fashion on a Ration. Is vintage clothing fashion's answer to the economic crisis?'

"Our group’s presentation will be an enquiry into the effect that periods of economic crisis in Britain have on fashion, looking specifically at World War 2, and comparing it to contemporary trends in vintage fashion since the financial recession of the past 5 years. Our reason for investigating the effect vintage buying has on fashion today is because we believe that buying inexpensively is reminiscent of the past. The rationing and recession in World War 2 is relatable to the economic crisis in contemporary culture."

We decided to present the work in a vintage suitcase, along with a few vintage looking trinkets and wrap the document in brown paper tied with string, to embrace that war time feeling!!

This, along with the written work went down well with our tutor, so all 4 of us in our group were pretty happy!!

Sorry about the image quality, the picture is from my phone!!

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