Friday, 26 November 2010


Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I will even finish what I’ve started.
I just got my hair cut and it feels like I need it doing again.
Its frosty outside, and I want to wear a dress.
I keep telling myself that I’m going to work hard, fully knowing that I wont until the night before the deadline.
Now all I want to do is look at blogs until 4 in the morning.
I’m going for a run.
And then have a bowl of cereal.
I will sit and eat them, maybe on my own, maybe with someone.
The battery on my mobile has died, I forgot to charge it.
It seems like everyone is doing something and I’m not.
It’s like I’m going to be stuck in this place for a while.
Or maybe the opposite is happening.
I can’t be bothered with my essay right now.
But I want to make pictures until my eyelids are forced shut.
I’ve had the same song on my iPod on repeat for 17 minutes.
I have just realised that what I have told myself I didn’t want, is the one thing I want more than anything.
And while I was looking out for something that did not exist, the thing that did exist was right in front of my eyes and I did not know.
Sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother that told you what to do.
How to make the right choices
How to make the right anything.
Downloading music is illegal…I should be in prison.

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