Thursday, 4 November 2010

oh so quiet..

Roll on the 16th December when I will be getting the best ever christmas present. Not from santa, but from the National Health Service, 10 years of asking has paid off and i'm finally having my tonsils removed!!
Most people probabley couldn't think of a worse present, but for me, being in the knowledge that I wont have tonsillitis every couple of months fills me with about as much joy as a Louboutain shoe box sitting under my tree or a french bulldog puppy with a big red bow round its neck!

But at the moment I am still in possession of the two lumps at the back of my throat, which are both currently the size of potatoes and infected (sorry to be graphic!) Not only do I have another bout of tonsillitis, but this time I have lost my voice as well, this has only happened once before and it was on my 13th birthday!! Whereas there may be a positive side to my lack of vocal chords at the flat mates can live in peace and quiet and my Dad doesn't have to listen to me calling him because i've fused a lamp or cant find my passport!! But the MASSIVE downside to my current state is that I have a 15 min brand expansion presentation to do tomorrow at uni and unless I can learn sign language overnight or a miracle happens and I get my voice back I have a feeling I am going to fail!!! OOOPPPPSS!!

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