Friday, 17 September 2010

The Simple Life

At present, I am so utterly bored out of my mind it is unreal! With all my friends either gone to university already, or the busy business people working the 9-5 (and then some more at home) i'm feeling pretty lonely. Not only do I have the loneliness to contend with but also the fact that I am now out of work, I have sold my car and I have no cash, all in all not the best combination when trapped at home in one of the most boring towns in the UK! In one sad and final attempt to make this time more bearable I have been making myself stay awake as late as possible each night, in a hope that I will sleep through half of the day.....oh good god what has my life become!! Roll on next Friday when i'm outta here! In the mean time the only ray of sunshine to keep me partially occupied is my beautiful new Diana F+ camera, I may even go out and take some new pictures on it tomorrow.

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