Saturday, 18 September 2010


I just need to get something off my chest, normally the 2 things that make me most angry are



intolerance and ignorance towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, cross dressers, transgender....whatever, anything other than "the norm".

But today I have forgotten all about these two sub-cultures in society and can now officially announce that the social group that annoy me the most are straight, testosterone fuelled MEN!!!!

Why do they feel the need to ...wind-me-the-f**k-up??? Im quite happily going along in life being on my own (no seriously I mean it, i'm a happy single!) and then BOOOOOMMMM, my blackberry will beep at me, and there illuminated on the screen will be a certain kind of text that makes my blood boil. In short, the context of the text, is sex. But it is cunningly disguised (or so the male of the species thinks) as a friendly greeting. I have approximately 5 or 6 guys saved in my phonebook who feel the need to send these so called friendly messages to me, but likewise I will only hear from these guys when A. their girlfriend is on holiday/away on work/or any other activity requiring their absence for at least a weekend. B. When they are single. C. When they are steaming drunk or finally D. When they are bored because they have completed Fifa or Call of Duty.

Guys, I will text you back friendly messages because i'm a nice kinda gal, and probably consider you to be my friend. But sadly I will always decline the offer of a catch up with alcohol thrown in, presumably you think half a bottle of wine will make me easier. Likewise the offer of a sleepover with my choice of dvd doesnt interest me because my double bed is sadly, currently just for me. Don't ask me to go for a late night drive with you because neither a fumble in a lay by or dogging appeal to me.

I'm not saying that I consider all texts/calls/facebook messages/bbm's from my male friends to have ulterior motives, but what I am saying is that those who do, and then continue to repeat offend, I can see straight through you and I know your game. So here is my plea, whether you have unlimited texts or not, save them for someone who actually gives a shit....or even just some skanky whorebag who will guarantee you a good time, because sadly for you gentlemen, I will not!!

phheeeww I feel better after that rant!

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