Thursday, 16 September 2010

A bit deep, but I like it

Normally i'm the last person to get gushy over romance, but I read the following passage on a few weeks ago and I realised that its so true. Even so much as to quote it to a very close friend of mine who confided in me recently about concerns over her relationship with her very lovely boyfriend, with whom she has just taken the massive step of getting a very beautiful flat in Surbiton with.
I think that the problem with the female race is that they watch too many chick flicks and read too many fairy tales, leading them to think that everyone gets a happy ever after, especially when it comes to men (or even women, whatever floats your boat!). In my not so scientific view on romance, I think these said chick flicks send girls crazy, thus driving away their prince charming, mainly because they think that they are a bunny boiling nutcase!

Cinderella walked on broken glass, Sleeping beauty let her whole life pass by, Belle fell in love with a beast, Pocahontas risked her life for a feast, Jasmine could have had anyone but she chose a poor man, and Ariel, she walked on land.”
So many people dislike fairytales because it makes us believe in love, believe that a prince will swoop down and save us when something goes wrong. But I’ve come to realise that in every fairytale-like movie, every girl took a risk. Took a risk for love, took a risk in the name of love.

So, how do we know if our own fairytale won’t really happen if we don’t try, if we stop believing in love?

I know it’s hard for some of you to put down their guard and to learn to trust someone else sometimes. I know because I’ve been through it. People like us, we distance ourselves from people we genuinely like just because we are afraid to get hurt. But does building up these walls ultimately saves us from hurting?

It doesn’t.

We’ve got to know that these people, the people we are blocking out because of our own insecurities, will leave someday too. Leave for something better. Everyone will cause you pain and hurt and tears, but you have to decide who’s worth it. And when you make that decision, happiness will come to you.

......And to the very good friend of mine, to who I quoted this to. I do believe you have found your prince charming (even though he washed your goldfish down the toilet by accident) x

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  1. Hello :) I used a quote from this and linked you in my post, hope you don't mind? I really enjoy reading your blog :) Sarah xx