Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Plum vs Blackberry

In the space of twenty four hours I treated myself to two new items, A new Blackberry Bold and a new lipstick. Is it wrong that I love the £8.00 lipstick sooooo much more that the phone???
I had seen Topshop's new range of make up advertised on their website, and had stuck my finger in a lip balm tester whilst paying for something a few weeks ago, but hadn't deliberatly paid attention to the range itself. So whilst shopping in Kingston on Tuesday thought i'd have a closer look.

The first thing that I noticed was how tactile the packaging was, it was begging to be picked up and opened. The lipstick tubes are white and matte, which is such a change from the typical black glossy lipsticks you generally find. I also love the hand painted look to the packaging, as it detracts from the stereotypical sleekness of typical makeup branding. I instantly fell in love with a nail varnish and a lipstick. For ages I have been searching the high street for the perfect dark plum lipstick and "chicken yellow" nail varnish, and up until now have been failing miserably. That was until Topshop created the two colours id been looking for a lipstick in 'Vamp' and a nail varnish in 'bee's knees'.....both perfect for me!
The lipstick didn't scream " i'm a goth", likewise the nail varnish didn't make me look like id smoked since birth so I was happy, and at £13.00 for the pair I didn't think I could really go wrong!

On my way home I got a bit carried away with thinking of an outfit to go with my plummy coloured lipstick and decided that my new, black silk play suit and black peep toe wedges with my hair being freshly bleached, it would be the perfect way to introduce my new lipstick to the world!

And as for the Blackberry, I guess I will just have to keep reading the manual!!

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