Friday, 18 June 2010

Maison Martin Margiela '20' The Exhibition

Since the 3rd of June an exhibition at Somerset House, showcasing the work of designer Martin Margiela has been open and i'm desperate to go, I just need to find a day where I am free and this is proving difficult!

The exhibition titled '20' is a celebration of one of contemporary fashion’s most influential and enigmatic designers over the past 2 decades.
No other fashion house has had quite the same impact on our understanding of fashion and its relationship to history, craft, commerce and innovation. 20 years on, Maison Martin Margiela’s radical questioning and rethinking of what fashion is, how we clothe the body and ideals of human beauty, is still as groundbreaking as ever.

It was the designs from Martin Margiela's haute couture collections that initiated an interest in the use of unconventional items and materials when creating garments of clothing. Although the designs can be considered to be recycling objects, the fashion house does not approach its collections with the intention of producing or marketing them with an ethical stance.

Although the use of unlikely objects in the haute couture collections are really interesting to me, the aspect of MMM that really appeals to me is the visual promotion of the brand, the clinical approach that has been adopted. Sales advisors wearing long white lab coats, the typewriter font used in literature and the re-occuring use of white and grey as the colour schemes in the promotional material, website, flagship store and concessions found in department stores all create a constant feel about the brand which allows the clothes the be the forefront of the fashion house.

I personally prefer MMM's ready to wear menswear collections more so than the women's wear, due to the fact that I feel that It is a lot more wearable, but still has an aspect to it that is slightly unexpected.
The menswear collection that Margiela bestows upon us may have a completely different aesthetic from their womenswear lines but they’re equally as great. There are few houses that can cut a jacket like Margiela do – whether for the severe womens line or for their more relaxed menswear and this season was filled to the brim with gorgeous tailoring.

Maybe this stuff isn’t for everybody but the Margiela man is who I like to think I would be if i were a man, and I think this collection is just about perfect.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the Spring Summer 2010 menswear collection

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