Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right

With nothing but a tray of M&S sushi and this month's Vogue for company, on the 14:28 train from Nottingham to St. Pancras, I was intent on paying close attention to both during my picturesque journey southbound. After trying, and regretting the wasabi accompaniment in my sushi for the first time, I turned my attention to my magazine.

After unwrapping the belly band, the current collections supplement slid onto the sticky tray in front of me, and unluckily, for my bank balance, but luckily for my size 5's fell upside down, revealing Kurt Geiger's latest ad in it's full glossy, back page glory.

Its here I was introduced, to what turned out to be after some research, a pair of ankle boots going by the name of momentum.  After somehow misplacing my studded black topshop biker style ankle boots at some point last summer, I have never re-kindled that kind of romance with a pair of boots, up until now!!

Initially I loved the animal print pony skin boots as seen in the campaign, that was until I logged onto and realised they come in electric blue. Although I am still an unemployed student I shouldn't be looking at £195 boots, but this is most definitely a summer love I wont be missing out on.

Kurt Geiger Momentum 
animal print and blue pony skin and leather

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