Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fish Fingers, Fish Tank, Fish.......bags, shoes and purses???

I saw Kill it, Cut it, Use it on bbc 3 yesterday, and it highlighted the growing popularity for the use of fish leather in fashion. Most people's ininitial reaction is most likely the same as mine. WTF....FISH LEATHER. How is that even possible!!!!???

The programme explored the process in which the fish are caught, mainly salmon, then filleted, skinned and then the lengthy task of turning the delicate skin into strong and durable leather. It was fascinating to see the transformation that occurred at the end of the 'tanning' process. When the public were approached with garments made from the fish leather and asked to guess what material they were made from, they all guessed snake and croc.

 Im not a vegetarian or an animal activist. I have more leather coats than is necessary and I love sushi and steak, but at the same time I care about the environment, I feel strongly about the conservation of our planet that is rapidly being destroyed and I wont buy anything with palm oil in due to the effect that it has on our ever diminishing rain forest (this includes sun pat peanut butter and palmers cocoa butter). so I believe I can look at this topic from an equal point of view. But I think that to be able to use fish leather in mass produced fashion is an amazing concept.

I understand that fish outnumber snakes and crocodiles so with regards to the use of their skins in fashion, from a conservation point of view it makes sense to use fish leather, as well as the fact that then the meat can be sold for human consumption and the bones and entrails then go to be turned into pet food. It makes sense to source the skins from an animal that can then entirely be used in one industry or another.

Catch Kill it, Cut it, Use it on BBC iPlayer, and make up your own mind on this topic.

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