Wednesday, 29 June 2011

lets fly away...

The feeling of lying flat on my back, the soft sand dipping underneath me. Running both fingers and toes in the sand at the end and sides of my towel. The pink illuminations of the insides of my eyelids. The scent of warm coconut oil in the sea breeze. Licking my lips and having the salty taste of sea air lingering on my tongue. Swigs of a bottle of warm water, with a slightly gritty cap. Tight crispy nose at the end of the day. pink warm skin at the bar, with cocktail in hand. This is why I love summer holidays.

New York in January and sports tour to Salou in April was just not enough to feed my addiction of summer lovin'. I've been home 24 hours and i'm literally craving not just a holiday, but an adventure (and a tan!). My problem is that my potential travelling companions come into two categories, those that are poor students, or those that are coupled up. The poor students have no cash so apparently no holidays for them at the moment, and those with cash (or their significant others cash) are doing the couples, or groups of couples holidays. Is it sad to go away on my own?? Im contemplating it as i'm just desperate to get away and into some sun.


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