Saturday, 30 April 2011

Impossible Is Nothing

Kate suffered bullying. Kate had a picture of Prince William hanging on the wall ofher room, like several other girls. Kate had a dream to marry him, as did several other girls. The percentage of enrollment at the University St Andrews that year grew 44%, and 9 out of 10 students were women. It was impossible“ to draw the attention of the prince in the middle of that crowd, it was impossible“ to have chance with him at all, they were all plebeian. But Kate didn’t stop believing.....and yesterday, when she climbed into the church, it was he who was waiting for her.

And so I learned that no matter. Whether it’s the one guy who makes your heart race or the prince of England. What matters is that nothing is impossible. No matter who or what gets in the way, what’s yours is yours and you will arrive at the right time.

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