Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The lady is a tramp

I went home at the weekend and the first thing my mum said to me was that I looked like a hobo!! Cheers mother! Ok, i've been pretty ill, with a 3 week long chest infection so I was never going to be looking particularly fresh, but thinking about it being at uni has turned me into an actual tramp!! I have stopped caring what I look like, which isn't really that great when your doing a fashion degree!!! If your lucky the amount of effort I have been putting in is pretty much cleaning my teeth and some deodorant!! Not the best look when the majority of my class clearly get up 3 hours earlier than me to plan outfits and put their hair in rollers. Its a massive Topshop/vintage fash-off!! My set uniform of manky converse, black leggings, All Saints t-shirt and leather jacket just makes me look homeless!!

From now on I will-

1.) Attempt to get out of bed more than 15mins before I have to leave my flat.

2.) Put on make up properly in daylight.....and scrubbing a blunt black eyeliner round my eyes doesn't count!!

3.) Do something with my hair, scrunched up on the top of my head makes me look like i'm off to the gym and as i've found at some point i'm going to have to take a hat off to reveal whats lurking underneath so hats just wont cut it!!

4.) Dont wear pyjama trousers/massive tracksuit bottoms outside of my flat mainly because they are always too long and I trip over them and are a major health hazard!

5.) Head back down to the sunbeds...winter skin is pretty much here and its going to go one way or another, white and pasty or St. Tropez orange.....neither of which are cool.

6.) Sort my shitty hair colour out!!

7.) Wear my nice clothes and attempt to make some kind of effort!

I may not be as beautiful, skinny, young, funny, intelligent, talented...blah blah blah blah as the other girls, but I need to at least try to compete with the help of GHD's, Bobbi Brown and a can of Elnet (also a pair of whorelashes will probably help!!!!)

Latersss peeps xx

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