Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Carrie Bradshaw moment

Sadly for me, I have been disconnected from the outside world for the past ten days due to my total lack of laptop after corrupting my hard drive whilst browsing Asos ( I guess thats karma for you!) I then managed to see Apple's selection of stores in the midlands and north west as nowhere seemed to have the part needed to repair my macbook. The round trip started in Nottingham, continuing to Leicester, Manchester and Sheffield, finally ending back in Nottingham to find a very nice (and rather attractive) man in a computer shop who was able to help me with my problem.
Normally I would have just got over not having a laptop for 10 days, but this time was particularly heartbreaking, as once I had arrived in Manchester's Apple store it was then that I was told that I had corrupted my hard drive, hence loosing everything on my music, my films, my pictures and my work, all gone. The very lovely Matt (again who was pretty hot!!) told me that it would be ok because surely I had backed up recently so everything could be recovered. NO MATT.....I DONT BACK UP AND NEVER HAVE DONE, NO ONE EVER TOLD ME I NEEDED TO!! Yes, I cried in the middle of the store. Apparently its not just Miss Bradshaw that doesn't back up, its Miss Pryor as well.

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