Sunday, 19 December 2010


I had my tonsils taken out on Thursday and I've just been let out of hospital and I'm feeling very sorry for myself. When people said that it was really painful to have done as an adult, I really didn't believe that it would be as bad as it actually is. I am in agony and am hardly able to speak. As i've been stuck inside sucking on ice cubes, i've not been doing much more than having Gavin and Stacey marathon sessions and searching my favourite websites.
  It was on one of many websites that I came across the following shoot by Tom Ford for the current edition of Vogue Paris featuring Crystal Renn, going under the knife. Not quite the same as loosing a pair of tonsils, but I felt it was rather fitting, especially as a very good friend of mine (who will remain nameless) compared my current stay in hospital to when she got her nose done!!

After seeing this I then stumbled across another similar shoot from Italian Vogue in 2005, by Steven Meisel with Linda Evangelista. This one is most definitely my favourite of the two. Its almost classic, rather than Ford's, 'Gaga Paparazzi' style approach to the more current of the two.

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